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Day 5: back in the game…

Slippage after a good start. I had intended to run on Saturday but the combination of working away in Inverness, sub zero temperatures and more fun things to do in hotel rooms, restaurants and even the town hall saw that plan thoroughly defenestrated.

A Monday off is always a chance to run around and do everything I normally can’t get out of the office for. I’ve been meaning to give blood for the last four months but failed until today.

Obviously, I think everyone who gives blood is wonderful but I walked into the middle of scores of students donating for the very first time. Teenagers were getting flipped upside down every 30 seconds as they passed out. One poor lass had a brief spasm as her blood pressure dropped too low and four more students keeled over like dominoes, getting a rollercoaster look at their toes.

I’ve been lucky enough to just get a bit woozy after my donations, but clearly running anywhere was a bit of a daft idea. I did, however, buy a second hand mountain bike that I can wheel around town without anxiety, unlike my racer.

So I did do some exercise today, riding my new bike around the Meadows, up a few slopes and – grinning inanely – freewheeling down the writhing steepness of the Mound down towards Leith. Roughly three miles of pure, new bike joy.


EXERCISE Short, hilly cycle

PACE freewheeling

REWARD homemade curry and naan with an old schoolfriend visiting from Barcelona

FEELING breathless