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First run of 100 – nearly foiled by ice

At the very last minute I got out of bed, pulled on my running kit and legged it out of the door before my mind could backflip again. I had gone to sleep planning a route and determined to stick to my plan of running in the morning, whatever the weather. But then I woke up in my cosy bed to the radio warning me of ice everywhere.

I lay in bed, torn between the need to get up and run around and the urge to snuggle with my two cats, from 6am until 7.30am. I had decided running could wait until after work, reasoning the ice would have melted by then, twice – before reminding myself I am ALWAYS too knackered after work to run anywhere.

 The clock has started ticking down today. If I’m to have any chance to make it round this marathon I have to put in the work. So, with snowflakes drifting around my face, I braved the first day of the Edinburgh spring with as much bounce as I could muster.

After the shame of running over Leith Walk – one of the city’s busiest streets – in my pink leggings, hat and gloves, I made it to the isolation of Calton Hill and faced down my first challenge. The path goes up a steep hill and I know I cannot run to the top of it without stopping – yet.

I made it up as far as the third lamppost before my heart threatened to pop and I had to walk, but only until the next lamppost, when I started running again and made it to the top. Hopefully this is one thing I can work on gradually building up until I can make it to the top  in one.

Having reached St Andrew’s House on the other side and checked out the snow-flecked peak of Arthur’s Seat, I began a slower ascent back around Calton Hill to my starting point. Feeling surprisingly energised after a mile, I decide to extend my route through a small park on London Road. I wound around the undulating footpaths and add another easy mile to the route. Just time to shower, grill a bacon sandwich and make some fresh espresso before heading to work…

WEATHER: ice, light snow, cold

TRAINING: hilly running

MILES: two

PACE: easy

REWARD: bacon